Hello and welcome to AI BITCOIN HUNTERS.
If you need to contact please send mail to hello@aibtch.com
If you have a wallet you need recovered or have surplus hashcat we have some exiting news.

You can MINT the A.I.BITCOIN.HUNTERS runes at this address:
AI BITCOIN HUNTERS rune Minting page
more info soon as we are totally rewamping the page.

Until today we have recovered about 10 Mln USD in crypto wallets and have currently 100 mln USD in wallets we are working on.

Send us an email today if you want to participate or have a wallet you need help with.

Currently we have deployed about 1000 GPUs at our facility in DUBAI, The United Arab Emirates

We are planning in first week of may launch the token on SOLANA network. Anyone with a BNB token address can contact us to get the appropriate SOL amount.